Clients From Hell

This site is incredibly relatable for most freelance designers. If you need a break from your work, or a little pick-me-up during the mid-afternoon hours, this is a great site to read a few quick entries for a chuckle. Not only that, but Clients From Hell also has a wonderful podcast that features topics that will help inspire and educate freelancers of all experience levels.




Nicolette Shasky

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Nicolette Shasky is a creative soul with a specialty in visual storytelling and UI/UX Design. She currently works as a Visual + Analytics Designer at Interactions Marketing in San Diego, California.

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  1. […] But the horror didn’t end there. I was then persuaded to work on her original god-awful logo that was created in Word, and the only version of it that she had to give me was an uneditable JPEG of course, because what else would it be after all the previous luck I was having with this client from hell. And I was to do it free of charge, mind you. Do not give your time to clients you do not jive well with. In other words, if clients set parameters that are tight and demanding, with inflexibility and an inability to understand the design process or respect your time, do not work with them. Do not work with clients from hell! […]

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