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Your Creative Junkie was one of the first design resources that I stumbled upon, and it’s still a favorite of mine today. Vincent offers so many free documents that are incredibly helpful. He also has tons of blog posts which are fun to read because of their humorous tone. Don’t be afraid to reach out to him either, he is always willing to provide useful advice!


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Nicolette Shasky

About the Author | LinkedIn
Nicolette Shasky is a creative soul with a specialty in visual storytelling and UI/UX Design. She currently works as a Visual + Analytics Designer at Interactions Marketing in San Diego, California.


  1. vincent says:

    Thank you Nicolette!!! Very kind of you to share my blog on your website. Keep kicking creative ass!!

  2. creativevincent says:

    Thank you Nicolette! Very kind of you to post my blog on your website. Keep kicking creative ass!!!

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