Down, & Right Back Up Again


As if it were not already painfully clear enough, consistently writing has not been my jam as of late. Actually, let’s just get it all out right now. I have started YouTube channels (three, mind you), a personal blog (long privated since now), an Amazon Seller’s account (which is also closed), and a collection on Society6 just this year that I have already abandoned. Needless to say, I start a lot of personal projects and do not end up finishing them.

Then again, the intent of all of these was never to actually finish them, but to keep up an ongoing repertoire in the aim that my name would somehow stamp its place on the internet.

I think where I’ve “messed up” here, so to speak, is in setting up these never-ending projects, I create these daunting tasks that seem intimidating because they have no end. So, I put an end to them entirely by abandoning them. Sigh.

I could continue blabbing on about how this character trait is due to my horoscope sign, or how I am just too busy with work for personal projects, or how I’d rather be sleeping. However, with this post, I am not trying to justify my actions or apologize and ass-kiss to my nonexistent readers on the internet, as if they are waiting around all day twiddling their thumbs for my next blog post and silently condemning me with each month that passes on with nothing but tumbleweeds.

No, I am just simply here to say, that I am back. And I am taking a stab at it again. This time, no other projects to focus on. Just this blog. Once a week. And short and sweet. Honestly, I do not plan on making a single post longer than this first one (yet, also not promising anything!). Just to clear the air. No one has time to read 5 minute articles anymore. Everything is skimmed. Did you even make it this far?

If so, I thank you, and quite frankly, applaud you. Stay tuned. More posts to come, I absolutely and figuratively pinky promise you.



Cover photo credit to Gratisography. (Love his work, and you will too.)


Nicolette Shasky

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Nicolette Shasky is a creative soul with a specialty in visual storytelling and UI/UX Design. She currently works as a Visual + Analytics Designer at Interactions Marketing in San Diego, California.


  1. Vera Flame says:

    3 things: 1) Bravo for your courage and vulnerability in not only starting again, but sharing it with others 2) Innovation happens when we are willing to try a bunch of things regardless of whether or not the outcome will be what we expected. This is how we discover which thing is possible or worthy of completion. 3) Banksy said: “If you get tired, learn to rest, not quit.” That seems like exactly what you’ve done. You go girl!

    • Hi Vera! Thank you so much for your comment, and for taking the time to read my post! I appreciate the encouragement, and you make some really valid points that are very helpful to me. May I just add that I love that you quoted Banksy, he always has the wisest words. Another favorite of mine that he’s said is “”We are all a little broken, but last time I checked broken crayons still color the same.” I think that could apply here as well, in a way that speaks to the fact that we can all relate to each other, even in vulnerability 🙂

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