An Industry to Be Thankful For

I thought I’d take the time this week to create a blog post that fit the nature of the thankful vibes that will entail tomorrow. Last week WordPress shouted out my blog on Twitter, which brought in an influx of new viewers:

So of course I need to start off this post by thanking WordPress Discover for doing so on their own accord, and all the new badasses that are now following the loose string of my blog posts that I aim to tighten with each week. Truly, thank you thank you thank you.

It’s so cool to spread my love for my field of work and have people interested in what I have to say about my experience(s), and share the resources that I have come across along the way thus far. I take pleasure in spreading the good vibes and “secret stash” of awesome shit and will continue to do so for my readers! I hope to inspire you all and be there for you if you have questions. Let’s build this awesome little community together, woohoo!

Beyond that, I’m just incredibly grateful for loving what I get to do for “work” everyday. Yes, “work” in quotation marks because I guess that’s what I have to call it still in order to look like I’m on the same page as everyone else when it comes to making a living. But “work” sounds so drag, and is practically synonymous with meaning “chore.” Sure, I have my days when I am unmotivated or not working on a particularly interesting segment of a project, but at the end of the day – I’m one f’ing lucky SOB for getting to design all day. I GET TO design every day. And get paid for it. I have the best job in the world.

I am grateful for my digital art teacher back in high school who had a major influence on my art direction in life. I am grateful for my next door neighbor during that same time that suggested pursuing a career in graphic design, which was the first I had ever heard of that career title, and it got me.

And now today, there are so many opportunities in the creative field. There are job titles now that didn’t exist even a year ago. In an oversaturated market of new services and businesses that take place in the digital space, the demand is high for artistic individuals to bring their originality, and it’s amazing to see. I’ve been spending a lot of time this month surrounding myself with inspiration on and off the web — and it has been paying off. Thank you again for following my journey. ✦

Question: What industry do you work in, and what are you grateful for when it comes to working in that industry? Do you have the best job in the world?



Cover photo credit to Gratisography. (Love his work, and you will too.)

Nicolette Shasky

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Nicolette Shasky is a creative soul with a specialty in visual storytelling and UI/UX Design. She currently works as a Visual + Analytics Designer at Interactions Marketing in San Diego, California.


  1. caravan113 says:

    I did enjoy reading your site and keep up the good work. Could you please share my blog with others?

  2. creativevincent says:

    I just read this one post, and I LOVE YOUR STYLE. And the copius use of 4 letter words, NO FEAR. So happy to see you in the blogosphere! Rock on!!!🤘

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