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deseyen-candy-teal-200x200Welcome to this new mini series on my blog, deseyen candywhere I feature five amazing artists of a specific line of work in any creative field. The idea is to support other artists and inspire each other for our own work and projects. Enjoy!



5 Incredible Infographic Designers

1. Jing Zhang

Jing Zhang is an illustrator from China, who’s work has been seen and featured all over the world, including Europe, London, Canada, and America. Her illustration style focuses on detailed visual breakdowns of any and all subjects; there truly is no limit to her creativity. She also has a brilliant talent of combining flat design with 2-Dimensional concepts. Check out this badass chick’s work below, as well her handles to discover more:





Website | http://www.mazakii.com/

Blog | http://mazakii.tumblr.com/

Instagram | @mrsjwignall

Dribbble | https://dribbble.com/mazakii


2. Sebastian Melchor

Sebastian Melchor is a designer from Argentina who specializes in infographic design and visual storytelling. He has over 17 years of experience and has worked for many publications and infographic-specific agencies, including Killer Infographics in the United States. Sebastian has a broad range of style in his portfolio, which showcases his ability to accomplish his clients’ goals and solve their problems through creating beautiful, unique pieces.

Refrigeration System


Gas Sustainability




Southern Right Whale

Website | https://estudioantena.me/

LinkedIn | Sebastian Melchor

Twitter | https://twitter.com/sebamelchor

Visually | https://visual.ly/users/sebamelchor/portfolio


3. The Design Strategist

Elynor Monks is a designer who runs her own business, The Design Strategist, where she focuses on enhancing her clients’ presentations through beautiful and elegant infographics and visual stories, all through the use of PowerPoint! Now THAT’S something… we all know how frustrating PowerPoint can be, as I mention in a previous post. So major props to her. She has been a major inspiration for me when I run into creator’s block while redesigning presentations or training materials.








Website | www.thedesignstrategist.co/

Behance | https://www.behance.net/elynormonk020e

LinkedIn | Elynor Monks

Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/thedesignstrategist


4. Anton Egorov

Anton Egorov is a self-taught Russian artist with a specialty in photo-real illustrations, and has a passion for creating infographics: “I’m fond of simple explanations of complicated things. I prefer to begin projects from scratch creating ideas and sketches which evoke emotions and deliver clear and precise messages.” His work captures your eye and because of his impeccable skill at creating realistic imagery, it entices you to linger. Just take a look at some of his incredible infographics below, and you will know what I mean:






Behance | https://www.behance.net/egorov

Dribbble | https://dribbble.com/egorov

LinkedIn | Anton Egorov


5. Csaba Gyulai

Csaba Gyulai is a freelance designer and illustrator with over 10 years of experience, specializing in illustration and infographics. He runs his freelance business through www.floydworx.com, where you can find a plethora of his beautiful work which not only includes infographics, but web design, games, logos, photos, and more. All of his illustrations within his work pay incredible attention to detail, which you can see in these following examples:



Website | http://www.floydworx.com/

Behance | https://www.behance.net/floydworx

LinkedIn | Floydworx

Dribbble | https://dribbble.com/floydworx



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