The Reason for the Tumbleweeds, & Updates

Hey, Hola, Hi. What up there. Oh what? Yeah it’s me. No I didn’t die. Yes I have some explaining to do.

So let’s get to it.

The truth in its simplest, honest form?

I put my blog on the backburner.

I took a job offer back in February, and started in March. Took a $30K salary cut compared to my last job, and definitely work a lot more these days. Why did I choose to do this? Well if I gave that information to you now, that would defeat the purpose of another blog post, don’t you think? 😉

I also have a new member to my family, meet Pepé Le Pew


He was eight weeks when I brought him home in early May, so needless to say my personal time shrank over night. Worth it though :,)

Back to the blog. And excuses for not keeping up with the blog. Is it hard to write a post every week? I would be completely lying to your cute face if I sat here and wrote a sob story about how busy I’ve been, blah blah blah. Usually it only takes me around an hour a week to write a blog post. That’s right. Only an hour a WEEK. But I still don’t do it. I still don’t fucking do it. Why is that?

Let me tell you what finally triggered me to come back to The No-So-Secret Stash. Well, it was two things actually. Let’s just be fully transparent:

  1. This morning I received an email from a woman who thanked me for my blog. She told me about her daughter’s journey to becoming a freelance designer, and how my posts have been helping her, or at least inspiring her. I felt so good, but more than that, guilty. Guilty that I haven’t been regularly posting. The blog has been on my mind for quite some time now. But the motivation hadn’t been there to get me to start it running again. Until, we get to the next point.
  2. That email this morning coupled with the afternoon’s limbo has landed me on my notepad, hashing out this “apologetic” blog post. You see, I was on my way out of the office to go home and let the dog out, but came to find my car parked in front of another in a tandem spot. The person behind me had been in a meeting that just started, so I was to wait. And since I was due for a break, I decided to take advantage of this free time. So here I am.

So what’s next for The Not-So-Secret-Stash, you might ask? Are you just going to abandon us again for another hiatus?

Well, the benefit of taking some time off is that new topics arise from more experiences, and more lessons learned. I have some good ones to share here with you. Next week I will be discussing why I took that salary cut I mentioned earlier, because I’m sure you all want to know the juice on that.

In addition, I will soon be adding a few new infographics and projects to my portfolio, FINAHHLLY! Yeww! Stay tuned.

To those of you who are still here, thanks for stickin’ around.



Cover photo credit to Gratisography. (Love his work, and you will too.)

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