In order to educate young Americans about the health threats of hydrogenated oils, a series of graphic models were created. These include a poster with a pie chart, a website, and a three-page magazine layout with graphs, a diagram, and solutions chart. Data was gathered from scientific sources regarding which foods contain hydrogenated oils, including their negative effects on the human body. The audience of this project is children in their preteens, therefore the design was executed using a hand-rendered illustration solution. Imagery was added as a design element to show the recognizable food choices that often look appetizing but pose a threat to our health. The color scheme features a neutral palette of grays, beiges, and browns in order to convey a gloomy future if these foods are consistently consumed. Yellow is also used frequently in this design since this color is often seen in foods that contain hydrogenated oils.


Design Elements


Magazine Spread 1



Magazine Spread 2



Magazine Spread 3






Web Pages
Web pages feature interactivity such as hover effects and slideshows.

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