TrendSource, Inc., a market research and strategic consulting firm, decided to rebrand their entire company late 2014. Rebranding was needed because the company has several services under their corporate identity, and there was confusion for clients and agents over which brand to contact for certain services. Therefore, a total of four brands were created that are identical so that they could be recognized as all part of the same company, but differ in color scheme and message to represent each service. The four brands included TrendSource Delivering Truth (overall corporate identity), TrendSource Trusted Insight (for clients),  OnSite Inspections (for inspections), and The Source (database for field agents). I was responsible for all design aspects, including but not limited to, infographics, web material, logo and branding design, marketing collateral, and more. The rebrand was launched June 2015.

Rebranding included:
— Created new logos and brands for all companies under TrendSource, Inc.
— Designed marketing collateral appropriate to each brand, primarily for Trusted Insight brand.
— Created web mockups for new site(s)
— Designed landing pages and email templates appropriate to each brand




01-TrendSource-Logo-Standard-4C OSI-Final-Logo MSI-logo



Business Cards (not real contact)


Trusted Insight CLIMB Model


Trusted Insight QUEST Model


Trusted Insight QUEST to SOAR Model (click to enlarge)


Trusted Insight “The Potential of Beacons” Infographic


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